Our passion for beautiful and healthy

We have a great passion for fruit and vegetables. Just like the growers before us or, for example, the chefs after us in the distribution chain. Each product needs attention during its distribution. It is up to us to devote that specific care. Our passion drives us to keep enhancing our know-how. So that we can confidently say that the products are in good hands with us.

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Anything you
can think of

Whoever has visited our premises in De Lier and has seen it with their own eyes, will confirm it: whatever you can think of, you can find it with us. We import and export products from a large number of countries. From ultra-Dutch beetroots, turnip-tops or parsnips to exotic mangistans, physalis or carambolas. Of course you will also see the more customary varieties of fruit and vegetables in our extremely wide range.

Working for

all year round

For us it is child’s play: we make sure that fruit and vegetables arrive fresh at our customers all the year round. We manage to do this because we work continuously under special, conditioned circumstances. All our products are handled with great care. Of every variety of fruit and vegetables we know how they will thrive most and what is the best possible way to transport them.

When we do it,
we get it right

We have a reputation to keep. Reputation is our own trademark. Ever since 1950, Reputation has stood for fresh, safe and quality. And for fast and flexible. The fruit and vegetables that carry this label are of great quality, cultivated by the best growers. When we do it, we get it right.

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