When we do it,
we get it right

We have a reputation to keep. Reputation is our own trademark. Ever since 1950, Reputation has stood for fresh, safe and quality. And for fast and flexible. The fruit and vegetables that carry this label are of great quality, cultivated by the best growers. When we do it, we get it right.

Our products

Our own products

We market a number of products under the name Reputation. Greenhouse vegetables and citrus fruit are at the heart of our own brand. In addition, avocadoes and some smaller products such as Brussels sprouts carry the label Reputation.

This is who we are
  • Own transport
  • 12,000m² business premises with 20 dock shelters
  • Cooling capacity 1400 pallets
  • Fresh and complete product range all through the year


Our suppliers are at the basis of the food chain. After all, the growers harvest the fruit and vegetables themselves from the land, or pick them from the plant, shrub or tree. With many of these partners we have had close ties for many years. With some of them the cooperation spans several generations. We work together with various growers and suppliers for one goal. Therefore we feel closely related to each other, which is true for our partners from the region as well as for those farther away. We cannot work without each other and we would not want to.

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