This is where
we are now

Our business premises are located in De Lier, at a central place in the Westland and in the middle of the logistics centre of the horticulture. From this site we work with expertise and drive in a top team so as to deliver quality. In doing so, we stop at nothing. Indeed, we possess whatever it takes to distinguish ourselves. We deliver our extensive product range in time, at the agreed location and under the conditions agreed. When it comes to price, we are right on the money.

  • Own transport
  • Fast and flexible
  • 12.000m² business premises
    with 20 dock shelters
  • Top team of people who go
    through fire and water for each other
  • Cooling capacity
    1400 pallets
  • Between greenhouses, the ports and the airport
  • Fresh and complete product
    range all through the year

A family business from day one

Ever since 1931 we have been involved in the delivery of potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Since then we have seen extensive growth. We are perfectly healthy and have seen a great deal of change in our branch of industry. Nevertheless we still apply many of the same basic principles. After all, we have been a genuine family business from day one. We know with and who we work for. Many of our relations have arisen back in the generations before us. Even to this day, we still think and act with a long-term view. We are not in this business for fleeting, short-term and impersonal goals, but favour continuity and good relations with our customers and suppliers. The good thing about a family business is that you always pull it off together somehow. For we think in solutions, not in problems.

“The good thing about a
family business is that
you always pull it off
together somehow.”

– Koornstra

Our roots in this day and age

Heart and soul

Employees apply heart and soul to the business not only on the shop floor, but throughout the company. We feel very strongly about norms and values. That atmosphere is tangible on the shop floor every day.

We are always there for each other

We are a really tight-knit team and are always there for each other. Which is absolutely necessary if you want to safeguard quality. We do not only tick off our own chores, but think (and act!) along with our customers and colleagues all the time.

Our word is our bond

For us it goes without saying that we stand by an agreement. We take a serious view of that. Even if we need to go the extra mile: we set great store by our reliability and integrity. We will do whatever it takes to keep our promises. That is why you can really depend on us.

Everything well-arranged

Whatever we do, we like to do it well. Whether it concerns contacts with our customers and suppliers, the way in which we process and check orders to make them ready for dispatch, or the transport or administrative settlement: we arrange everything in a proper, clear and accurate manner. That is how we have ensured satisfied customers for many years now.

The weekly crate of work vitamins

We always have work vitamins available for our employees. There is fruit galore in our canteen. For lunch, too, our employees can get free, freshly cut vegetables every day. In addition, we put together a nice crate with a varied selection of fruit and vegetables for them to take home every week. What the exact contents of the crate are, is a surprise week in, week out.

No challenge
too big

From retailers to cruise ships: we make sure that fruit and vegetables end up where they are needed.

This is what we do